Gain In-Demand Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills in BGSU’s Online MBA in Finance Program

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, MBA graduates have become highly sought-after assets for various types of business organizations. The 2022 GMAC report highlights that most corporate recruiters and staffing firms plan to hire newly minted MBAs, demonstrating the value and demand for these graduates.

One of the key reasons for the overwhelming demand is because Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs, such as the online MBA with a Concentration in Finance program from Bowling Green State University (BGSU), provide students with a diverse skill set, particularly regarding negotiation and conflict resolution. Effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills are critical for success in the business world where collaborations, partnerships and deal-making are everyday occurrences.

This online MBA – Finance program is designed to cultivate a student’s negotiation prowess by finding mutually beneficial outcomes while navigating complex business scenarios.

How MBA Students Develop Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Skills

An MBA program provides a conducive environment for students to acquire and enhance important skills — such as critical thinking, communication, time management and problem-solving — which are invaluable in negotiation and conflict resolution scenarios. By actively engaging in various learning opportunities and real-world experiences, MBA students in this program can further sharpen these skills to excel in their careers.

Below are a few ways students can gain these valuable skills at BGSU:

  • Analysis and case studies. MBA students often analyze case studies as a learning tool to examine real-world business scenarios. Through this process, students learn to identify problems, assess complex situations and develop solutions. This experience cultivates critical-thinking skills and the ability to approach problems systematically.
  • Teamwork and group projects. Earning an MBA requires teamwork, such as collaborating on assignments and projects. Working with diverse teams on complex issues enhances communication skills, fosters different perspectives and helps students understand how to control time management and conflicts in a team setting.
  • Discussions and debates. MBA classes often involve lively discussions and debates on a variety of business topics. Engaging in these debates encourages students to think critically, defend their positions and learn how to persuasively communicate their ideas.
  • Negotiation simulations. Many MBA in Finance classes frequently incorporate simulations where students practice their negotiation skills in controlled scenarios. This practice allows them to understand the dynamics of conflict resolution, develop effective negotiation strategies and enhance their communication abilities.
  • Leadership and emotional intelligence. Management courses for an MBA in Finance often include aspects of leadership development and emotional intelligence. These concepts can help students better understand their own and others’ emotions, leading to better conflict resolution and negotiation outcomes.
  • Feedback and mentorship. Regular feedback from professors and mentors while earning an MBA with a concentration in Finance allows students to identify areas for improvement and continually refine their skills.

About Bowling Green State University’s Online MBA in Finance Program

In any business environment, conflicts are inevitable due to varying perspectives, interests and goals. BGSU’s online MBA with a concentration in Finance program recognizes this reality and emphasizes the significance of negotiation and conflict resolution skills in the curriculum. Through the 100% online coursework of this program, students will learn to analyze the root causes of conflicts, identify potential resolutions and implement strategies that promote collaboration and team cohesion in the workplace.

MBA graduates entering leadership roles must negotiate with employees on project deadlines, resolve internal conflicts within teams and mediate disputes. They often serve as intermediaries between different departments where they can maintain organizational harmony.

Learn more about BGSU’s online MBA with a concentration in Finance program.

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