Job Options for Supply Chain MBA Grads

Bowling Green State University offers an Online Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Supply Chain Management to prepare graduates to enter one of the world’s fastest-growing industry sectors. The global logistics market — including all of the activities within the supply chain — is projected to hit $15.5 trillion by 2023.

Because the industry has proliferated so rapidly and now drives the global economy, there is a shortage of properly educated and skilled supply chain talent. For every graduate with supply chain skills, six positions wait to be filled, and that ratio should continue increasing. These are challenging, lucrative jobs, which the BGSU program prepares students to take, either while enrolled or upon graduation.

Supply chain professionals link the production, shipment and distribution of products so their companies can compete in a global economy that demands lean pricing and time-sensitive delivery. There are five basic functions in the supply chain:

  1. Plan/strategy
  2. Source of materials or services
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Delivery and logistics
  5. Returns system

Job Options

Many of the widely held roles in the industry are cross-functional, combining an array of aptitudes — logic, mathematics, communication, organization and leadership skills — while others are suitable to professionals with a particular strength in one or two aptitudes. The BGSU specialized MBA develops tactical and operational expertise, as well as professional competencies like analytical skills, to prepare graduates for a variety of opportunities. These include the following job options (salary data as of February 2020):

Supply Chain Analyst – Median Salary Range with MBA $74,752-$81,527

This person in this role collects and analyzes data to make supply chain operations more efficient. The analyst identifies areas for improvement and proposes resolutions to problems, and may be involved with the negotiation of supplier contracts and service arrangements. The role typically requires two to four years of related experience.

Distribution Manager – Median Salary Range with MBA $79,715-$109,695

The distribution manager is responsible for all phases of distribution of products, parts and inventory, including daily truck routing and ensuring efficient operations and timely deliveries. This role typically requires five years of related experience as a contributor and may require one to three years of supervisory experience.

Supply Chain Manager – Median Salary Range with MBA $106,966-$115,084

People in this position oversee the supply chain and logistics operations to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal organizational costs. The role is charged with developing distribution center operational processes and managing vendors’ qualifications and performance. It typically requires five years of experience in a contributing role and one to three years of supervisory experience.

Logistics Manager – Median Salary Range with MBA $107,768-$114,691

Professionals in this position plan logistics policies and develop initiatives to achieve them. Logistics managers work with other logistics management personnel to optimize product workflow and minimize costs, negotiate with and select vendors, and control distribution and transportation. They also manage staff in day-to-day tasks, ensuring that goals are met. This role typically requires five years of contributing experience and one to three years in a supervisory capacity.

Supply Chain Director – Median Salary Range with MBA $134,450 – $171,093

This role is responsible for an organization’s supply chain operations, including vendor selection, purchasing and inventory of raw materials, and distribution of products. The supply chain director forecasts needs and production scheduling by evaluating past performance and develops plans to improve efficiency and the quality of finished products. The role reports to top management and typically requires five or more years of managerial experience.

These are just a few of the employment options available. These roles may often be posted to job boards using similar terms, and there are hundreds more related roles available to qualified, well-educated candidates.

Learn more about Bowling Green State University’s Online MBA with a Concentration in Supply Chain Management.


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