How an MBA Degree Can Help You Launch or Progress Your Career in Banking

While the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is often understood as an option for budding entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and versatile general managers, its utility extends far beyond these traditional purposes. In a banking industry that demands insight and adaptability, professionals occupying pivotal roles — such as finance managers, financial accountants, advisors, CPAs and investment managers — can harness the transformative potential of an MBA to launch careers and reach new heights of success.

Today, as banking witnesses a fusion of technology, regulation and customer expectations, the need for adept leaders who can navigate this complexity has never been greater. It is no surprise that a significant number of influential figures leading renowned financial institutions began their journeys with an MBA education. From finance moguls who initiated their careers as investment analysts to astute financial advisors who now guide clients through intricate decisions, a common thread is an MBA degree that provided a solid foundation of knowledge.

Launch Your Career in Finance

The AACSB-accredited Bowling Green State University (BGSU) online MBA program provides students with essential financial and strategic acumen for roles including finance manager and financial analyst. The program curriculum provides a deep understanding of financial principles, equipping students with the skills to assess investment opportunities, manage budgets and make data-driven decisions crucial for effective financial management.

The program emphasizes experiential learning and practical application. The integration of real-world case studies, simulations and collaborative projects ensures that students gain hands-on experience addressing complex financial challenges.

This practical exposure develops students’ analytical abilities and cultivates their capacity to think critically and solve problems innovatively. These capabilities are indispensable for finance managers and financial analysts who must navigate dynamic market conditions and provide insightful recommendations. Courses of particular interest for this career path include Financial Accounting and Analysis, Managerial Accounting, Financial Management in a Global Environment, and International Financial Management.

Just as important as financial expertise is the program’s holistic approach to business, as it cultivates vital communication and leadership skills for financial leadership and specialist roles. Through interactive online discussions, virtual teamwork and leadership development projects, students refine their ability to communicate financial insights effectively and lead cross-functional teams. Courses that develop these skills include Leading for Organizational Success, Behavior of the Firm in a Global Environment and the capstone course, Strategy Design And Implementation.

Prepare to Become a Successful Investment Manager

BGSU’s online MBA program curriculum encompasses financial concepts such as corporate finance, valuation methods and risk management. Courses provide aspiring investment managers with the quantitative skills needed to analyze financial data, assess potential risks and make informed decisions in the complex world of investments. The program’s emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving equips individuals with the ability to navigate intricate financial scenarios — an essential skill for devising effective investment strategies.

In addition to the financial toolkit, the online MBA program hones the soft skills essential for success in investment banking. Students cultivate communication and interpersonal abilities through projects that mirror the demands of client relationships and collaboration in investment banking.

The program equips future investment managers with a balanced skill set, including financial expertise, strategic thinking and effective communication. These help them excel in the competitive and dynamic field of investment banking. Courses particularly vital for this career path include Investment Analysis and Management and Quantitative Analysis for Managers.

Business School Provides the Foundation for Career Progress

According to a 2022 Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) study of business school graduates, 84% reported that their business school education helped improve their professional situations. About two-thirds indicated that they experienced progress of at least one job level after attaining their postgraduate business degrees.

Among those who initiated their careers at junior positions, a notably higher proportion reported achieving job-level promotions upon the culmination of their education compared to those commencing from more senior positions. The statistics reveal a significant shift in job positions: more than 85% of graduates elevated from entry-level roles, more than 50% from mid-level positions, about one-third from senior positions and a quarter from executive positions.

A business school education has also been a catalyst for 50% to 60% of graduates to move to other industries or job functions after finishing their programs, with many graduates transferring from industries such as manufacturing, technology and healthcare. The report indicates that among graduates working in finance and accounting, 30% to 40% moved from another industry.

For those considering working in the highly rewarding and lucrative banking industry, the following findings about business school graduates also support the choice to enroll in an MBA program. Those polled reported:

  • increased employability (87%)
  • greater earning power (77%)
  • improved professional networks (76%), which is essential in banking
  • feeling more prepared for their chosen career (70%)

If you want to launch or progress your career in banking — whether you are coming from an undergraduate program or another industry — BGSU’s online MBA program can develop the specializations and leadership skills you need to take your career in your chosen direction.

Learn more about BGSU’s online MBA program.

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